Update on “Heavenly Chocolate Bliss”

It was a great day on Saturday–what fun we had with all of you in the shop getting your blocks and starting this beautiful quilt.  We will have pictures up in the next few days, but in the meantime I wanted to say “THANK YOU” to my great customers for all you do to make My Heritage Fabrics such a great place to spend my days.


My soul is fed with needle and thread, my body is fed with chocolate!


Have you discovered Mary Ellen’s Best Press: the clear starch alternative? 

The most effective starch you will ever use!

The most effective starch you will ever use!

It is aerosol-free,  easy to use and my customers love it! It   The label promises “No clogging, no flaking, no residue and completely acid-free.”  They keep their promises.

Whether you sew small bags or intricate quilts, Best Press will give  you better results.  I even use it for everyday ironing because it makes that chore go so much faster.  I keep three sizes and several scents in stock–from small to industrial size and caribbean beach to scent free. 

Pick up a bottle to try out next time you are in, or test it during any of our classes.  I always have a bottle out for your convenience.  If you have a favorite variety and it isn’t available near  you, call me and I’ll be glad to get some in the mail right away.  It would be an emergency if we ran out around here!


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