Snowy Day Thoughts: Homemade Holidays

Many people are planning a simpler, more personal holiday season this year, but they worry about how to make a homemade holiday without stressing out. 

Here are a few tips:

1. START EARLY.  Make a list of possible ideas and pace yourself by starting as soon as possible. The first week of October may be too early for Christmas decorations in the mall, but it is not too early to make lists and plan fabric.

2. DON’T FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING.  You can make super cute pajama bottoms or flannel lounge pants in a few hours and pair them with a purchased t-shirt for a great gift.  You can embellish the shirt to match, if you wish, much more quickly than most of us could sew one.

3. SMALL IS OK.  You can make a throw much more quickly than you can make a full-size bed quilt, and it is more versatile.  Feel free to scale down projects. 

4. GET HELP.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, call a friend (or several friends) and schedule a sewing/crafting day or evening.  Working together will help you all have a positive attitude and enjoy yourselves.

5. BE REALISTIC.  Especially if you are new to this, remember that you may not be able to do everything for every one.  Prioritize and decide what is most critical or desirable and leave the rest for next year when you have had more practice.

We will post tips and suggestions for gifts on a regular basis.  Check back and get ideas and support for a great Holiday Season.


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