Scrap Advice

Do you have thread that looks like this?

thread spools

Or bobbins that look like this?


Well, next time you make a scrap project, don’t just use scrap fabric, use scrap thread, too.  Crafters are too thrifty to throw away these bits and pieces and they work great on projects that are made of bits and pieces.  Plus, it feels great to clean out and have empty bobbins waiting. 

I like to have a few bobbins empty for projects that really require a specific thread, but I also like to have bobbins ready to go when I am ready to sew.  That is why I never wind just one bobbin of white, navy, grey or black thread. 

Most of the time, I use those colors on large projects, like quilts.  When I sit down to start a larger project I take a minute to clean and oil my machine and maybe even change the needle.  Then I wind at least two bobbins of the color I plan to use.  That way I can keep right on sewing.  Try these tips, let us know how they worked for you, and ….

May your bobbin always be full!  ~Author Unknown


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