Folded Fabric Crafty Weekend

This week we feature folded fabric projects.  Remember the origami cranes and such that you might have made in elementry school?  These allow you to take that talent and apply it to a new (favorite) medium:  fabric!

Look for a future post containing my attempts at some of this, but…

Now for the tutorials.

Woman’s Day has this video tutorial on making Kanzashi Flowers

Kanzashi Flowers

Liesl, over at Lieslmade shows this beautiful example of folded star pattern.  I want to make a whole quilt this way.  The accuracy of paper piecing–without paper piecing.

folded star

The good folks at Instructables have this tutorial on inside out flowers that make nice blocks on bags or even a complete 3D quilt top.

folded flowers

And, finally, Arlette of the Polka Dot Pineapple shows us how to fold hexagons for making a perfect Grandma’s Flower Garden quilt or embellishing other projects.  Simple and traditional…but a lot easier!

Each of these techniques can be applied multiple ways: quilts, embellishments, accessories…let your imagination be your guide.


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