Thanks for the Shout Out!

Our good friends from Abbey Lane Quilts stopped by the other day and decided that they like our gradually-becoming-famous 10-Minute Table Runner. 

They were kind enough to post these pictures and some variations (more than 10-minutes, but worth it) on their blog AND they are hosting a giveaway in honor of the occasion. 

We stock a number of Abbey Lane Quilts patterns and our customers really like them.  They are fun and original and, what many people may not know, homegrown right here in Northern Utah.

As said by Abbey Quilts, e-mail and I’ll be glad to send you directions for the tablerunner and placemats until we manage to get a tutorial posted here. 

Thanks again to Janice and Marcea!  Keep up the good work you two!



  1. Would love to have the patterns for your 10 minute runner and placemats.

    They would make lovely gifts for a granny with lots of fabric and little time this holiday season.

    Thank you for your sharing – they are great!!

  2. Okay, so it’s after the holidays but if you would please send me the directions I can actually get a start on next year’s gifts while I still have Christmas fabric out (LOL – for once I won’t be behind…I hope). Thank you!

  3. I have the direction for the table runner but I am have a problem trying to figure out the ends, could you please help me out with some suggestions, or explain the directions a little more clearly.


  4. What darling table runner ideas. Has anyone inserted batting face down on right side of fabric ‘center’ before sewing/turning the 10 min. idea? If so, any tips?

    A friend told me about this but I couldn’t imagine the ends so glad the pics cleared my ‘vision’ right up!!

  5. A friend of my daughter made this table runner and it is so cute. I teach a FACS class at a small Christian School and I think it would make a perfect project to make early in the year for my students.
    May I please get a copy of the directions for this table runner? Thanks so much!

  6. You’ll never believe where I first heard of this great little table runner! I was purchasing a piece (ok, several pieces) of material at WalMart and overheard a woman mention that she makes a table runner that literally takes 10 minutes. So, of course I came straight home and “googled” it.

    It looks like a fantastic idea and I would be very grateful for a copy of the pattern!

    Thank you–Rhonda

  7. Got my pattern……… now I need to find extra time…. yes I know it only a 10 min project put would like to do something a little fancy in the middle… like maybe some pinwheels etc.

    Thanks again

  8. I’d love to have this pattern I have been looking for an easy pattern for table runners. I think this is sooo cool I can make a bunch by Christmas. And I can think of other occasions to make them also.
    Thank You

  9. What a great idea. Looks so fast and easy. Could you please send me a copy of your 10 minute table runner? This would be a great project for the little girls in our family to make gifts for their Moms.

    Thank you and Happy quilting,

  10. I would appreciate the free pattern for the 10-minute table runner. It is now mid- November, 2010 and I may not be the last one to ask; are you wondering how long the requests will continue ? Maybe you’ll set a record!
    Thank you very much,

  11. I was given a table runner from a friend and was very impressed by it. I would really like to have the pattern for the 10 minute table runner. I would apprecate it if you would send it to me. I just bought some fabric and I would love to make them for my friends for Christmas. Thank you very much.

  12. Please send me instructions for the 10 minute table runner, I can hardly wait to
    make some. I saw a gal in a fabric store with some she had made, I jotted down the instructions quickly, but have misplaced the evenlope I wrote it down on (measurements are what I think I really need, but it will be great to have instructions. Thanks a million and have a great New Year.

  13. Please send me the 10 minute table runner pattern too please. My friends gave me a copy but it’s hard to really make out what they’re saying. I was hoping you could repost a tutorial of it.
    Thank you so much

  14. I saw a sample of the 10-minute table runner in the Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe today…bought fabric to make one and need the directions….PLEASE! Going to make it for my granddaughter’s wedding shower:-)

  15. I was approached by the nicest lady in a fabric store telling me all about the fabulous 10 minute table runner! She was having so much fun making them, and I would love to have the pattern so I cn make them for my 4 girls and myself! I would love the pattern very much if you would send it to me!

  16. Hello,
    I’ve just opened a new quilt shop and was wondering if I could get your 10-minute table runner pattern? I’ve had alot of customers coming in today looking for fabric to make this runner. Sounds like alot of fun to make.

  17. May I get permission for the Valley Quilters Guild, Palmer, Alaska, to make and sell this runner at our booth at the Alaska State Fair, in August 2011?
    A gal at our quilt camp taught us to make it, but I did not know its origin. The sales at our booth help support our guild throughout the year. We have a very active service committee that donates about 100 quilts per year to charities in our area.

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