5-petal Kansashi Dreams

I thought for sure that five petals had to be easier than 10 or 12, right?  Well, I am not so sure, because even with this tutorial, I struggled a bit.

Finally, I produced these:

If you want to make some here are a few tips (even though the tutorial says that “the pictures talk for themselves”)

1. I made mine with 2 1/2″ squares.  As the flowers get smaller, it gets harder.  Also, beyond about 3 1/2″ the petals don’t seem to hold their shape.  There is a small margin for success.

2. Iron on the fourth step when you make the first diagonal fold.  Use Best Press or similar.  It really helps.

3. The most tricky step is tightening the petals and tying your thread.  I recommend very strong thread or very careful handling.  It is very discouraging to have the thread break as you tighten.

4. It is worth it!  I love the Kansashi flowers and find that my product gets better as I practice.  Then again, most of life is that way, isn’t it?

Best wishes….may your scissors ever be sharp!


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