Filing Fabric

Wow, more new fabric!  It just keeps coming, but we are getting very creative to fit it all on the shelves.

Here is a product that might help you get all of your fabric neatly stored away, too.

Fabric Organizers

These nifty little inventions will take your stash from MESS to BLISS.

As DeNiece describes:

Easily and Neatly Stores Fabric, Binding, Borders, Scrap, Strips or Trim

− Lightweight and Durable!

− NO-Refolding Necessary

− Stores 1/2 to Several Yards

− Store Kits, Projects or just a lot of yardage

− Easily Handle Fabrics

− Made of Acid-Free Corrugated Plastic

− Store your fabric folded at the 11-inch width—it is ready to cut when you are ready to Quilt!

− Fits on a Standard Bookcase or in Plastic Bins

“Impossible,” you say.  No, they really work.  Stop by the shop or give us a call.


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