National Quilt Day Sale-abration!

What, all that on sale for $4 A YARD?!?!

Yep, all that and more that wouldn’t fit in the picture is on SALE from March 20-27 to celebrate National Quilt Day on March 20.  Only $4 a yard for designer, quality, beautiful, soft, interesting, colorful, tempting, happy, stashable……FABRIC. 

Stop by early to get the best selection.  The last time we did this it was almost unbelievable how quickly the empty bolt cardboards piled up. We thought about using them to build an addition to the shop so we could fit in more fabric but ran into things like building codes–darn it!

ps–Yes, Saturday is also Block of the Month day. We look forward to a busy day with friends here at the shop.



  1. Thanks for stopping by all the way from Australia! Sadly, we do not yet have a website with fabric for sale, but, if you see something you like and call or e-mail we do take payment over the phone and ship quickly. We have a lot of customers do that. The store is so new (just over a year) that we just aren’t ready to tackle a full website yet, but would love to help. Of course, if you were buying enough fabric you could save enough to pay for the plane ticket…..just a thought. 🙂

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