Thread…who knew?

Lately I have had a lot to think about thread.  For one thing, friends and family members frequently pick little bits off my clothes and laugh and say, “It’s easy to tell the ones who sew.”

But, on a more serious note, the thread you use on a project can affect the very size of the finished product and have serious consequences when it comes to quality. 

Others put it better than I:  You spend $9 a yard for fabric, why sew it up with 99-cent thread? 

Poor quality thread frays, lints, tangles and breaks.

In the shop we carry top quality Mettler Thread in just about every color you can imagine.  Try it.  It may not be 99-cents, but you will fall in love with the quality of it just as you fall in love with really good fabric.

Find additional information and thoughts on thread here(a lot of good information about thread weight)  and here (a lot about quality–with pictures) and here (choosing the right thread).  Read them.  They are well worth your time and will change the way you think about thread.

Do you have tips or suggestions or questions–leave us a comment!  If its a question, we’ll get back to you soon with an answer.


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