GUEST BLOGGER: Window Treatments

Richard, from Horizon Window Treatments is here today to advise us on Window Coverings. 


Pros and Cons of Cotton Fabric Window Treatments

Cotton is one of the most common fabrics used for home furnishings due to its versatility and comfort. Cotton is particularly popular as a fabric for window treatments for a number of reasons, but there are also some drawbacks to cotton that you should be aware of before making a final decision.

Let’s start with the advantages of using cotton fabric  for your draperies. The biggest advantage to cotton is the fact that it is relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Cotton is also very easy to clean and can come in a variety of finishes, patterns, designs, colors, and weights. Its versatility makes it easy to match cotton draperies with the rest of your home’s décor. Cotton drapes are especially desirable in the summer as cotton is a very “breathe-able” fabric and can effectively block ultraviolet light.

Cotton does have a few disadvantages that you should be aware of if you are considering adding cotton draperies to your windows. The first disadvantage is that cotton can shrink, stretch or wrinkle very easily. It is also not quite as durable as other fabrics, but this can be fixed by blending it with a more durable synthetic fabric like polyester or acrylic. Cotton can also be weakened by the sun, so it is best to not use it on a window that gets a lot of direct sunlight.

There are a lot of advantages to cotton and most of the disadvantages can be remedied in some way. But, whether or not cotton is the best way to go for your window treatments ultimately depends on you and what you want for the look of your home.


Thank you, Richard, for sharing your knowledge with us.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger, or in having us guest blog for you, let us know.  We like friends, and we like to share!


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