Show and Tell: Lilacs

Here is a quilt made by our new friend, Mary, from all the way in Michigan.


She was kind enough to share a little about her process:

when i make a quilt i usually use a regular pattern but mostly put them together my own way..i hate to cut fabric into small pieces when it has such a beautiful daughter loves lilacs and wanted something made of lilacs and i found this material …they only had a small amount left so i cut it in strips to get the full effect of the print..then tried to think of a sashing that would show it off..when i measured the strips it wasn’t an even amount of inches so that is why the sashings are a little bit zig zagged..–i can say it better in person than writing it–LOL..anyway i didn’t want to waste a single inch of the fabric so all i did was cut it even on the bottom….

then i had a narrow strip of the lilac print left after i evened it up on the sides and i put a small square in the middle of each of the 9 patches..but the corners i used a darker purple shade of tone on tone print..
I think her results are lovely.  Thanks for sharing, Mary.

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