Strip Easy with June

June Tailor’s “Shape Cut Sprint”  is one of the niftiest tools…well, I know we say that a lot, but there really are a lot of very clever and useful tools out there to help up produce beautiful results in our quilting and other sewing crafts.

The Shape Cut Sprint is a slotted ruler designed to cut perfect  2 1/2″  strips. 

June Tailor Shape Cut™ Sprint Ruler

…or 5″ squares, or 10″ squares…basically anything that is 2 1/2″ increments.

In the words of June Tailor herself:

Slotted ruler for cutting in 2-1/2” increments.

• Ideal 2-1/2” slot increments to quickly cut your own:
  2-1/2” jelly roll strips, 5” charm squares and 10” layer cake squares.
• Cut multiple layers of fabric quickly and accurately.
• Use with your rotary cutter and rotary cutting mat.

Of course, we carry pre-cuts in the shop, but sometimes you want a particular collection or you might be using scrap fabric….the Shape Cut Sprint will help you do it right.

Check back tomorrow for some ideas on using 2 1/2″ strips with our Crafty Weekend Strips feature.


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  1. i have one called Shape Cut Quarter Cut that i have had for years..great for cutting strips from 1/4″—not that i ever have–to as wide as the cutter—12″ i think..anyway it is so good for cutting strips from whole cloth..most of my strips though are cut from scraps and it is a little too much work with them..but i love it to cut binding, borders, sashing and that kind of thing….i have also used it to cut squares..had some project one time–i have forgotten what now–that called for 1.5″ square–lots of them and i cut 1.5″ strips, turned it around and cut 1.5″ squares…took no time at all..

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