Stitch Length

Every so often I read something that gives me a genuine A-HA moment.  This helpful article on stitch length from Quilty Pleasures is one of those things. READ IT HERE.

She clearly explains what the various stitch length settings mean. 

Adjusting your stitch length is important for sewing success. Short seam length will produce sturdy, even piecing for quilts.  Basting a garment requires long stitches. 

Read and learn. And then go sew something to show off your new knowledge.  That is what I did.



  1. well i sure learned something from that article..i knew what the feed dogs do–they move the fabric but i had no idea they also control the length of the interesting and i did just go sew something and used my new knowledge..thank you for letting us know that..i am learning so much from you..i actually am finding out what i am actually doing!!!

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