SPRING! Finally?

Hey Ladies – the trees are blossoming, the flowers are up and life is Good!  Although I did miss the snow this year.  I guess I’m ready for it to be a LITTLE warm and sunshiney. (is that a word?)

And YES we do have the long awaited Chevron fabric.  I understand most stores are out – but we have a nice supply so don’t miss out, get yours while you can.  

We also just received the “chalkboard fabric” You can make cute little quiet books that you can take with you.  You can write on it then wipe it off just like a blackboard – what fun!

Also just arrived –  a new shipment of Minkee.  I know, I know, we have not had a good supply for a while but hope to keep up the supply and look forward to JUNE when the DR. SEUSS Minkee will be out.

Thanks to all of you who came to our “Ladies Night Out”.  We had a good time, gave away some small fat quarter bundles, ate cookies, played some games.  Britney Silver of Perry won our drawing – she will get a  Quilt Shop Navigator book and  “Minkee Tween Quilt Squares”.  Way to go Britney!

Enjoy this week with the kids home and have a great Easter weekend.  




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