Customer truck show: Verla Hasler

This post is very tardy, as we have been enjoying the beautiful quilts of Verla Hasler in the Heritage Classroom for some time.  But, you might not have been by to see them yet. 

First, a little about Verla, one of our wonderful customers:

Verla spent her childhood in Morgan Utah.  There she was taught not only to work, but to sew.  She remembers embroidering dishtowels before she was old enough to go to elementary school.  By the time she was in Junior High she was responsible for sewing all of her own clothes.  She also sewed clothing for her twelve younger brothers and sisters.  Through the 4-H program she won several blue ribbons at the Utah State Fair for her tailored dresses and suits.  It was no surprise that after graduating from high school she majored in Home Economics (Family and Consumer Science) at BYU.  She taught Home Economics at Price Junior High, Ogden High School, Ben Lomond High School, SandRidge Junior High and Kaysville Junior High.  She also taught adult education sewing classes at Clearfield HighcSchool.  After teaching many years, she obtained her school counseling degree and then worked as a school counselor at SandRidge Junior High and Syracuse Junior High until her retirement.
Verla pieced her first quilt from dress scraps while she was in high school.  From that point on she was “hooked”.  She used scraps to make numerous quilts for family and friends.  After her children left home she really became a “quilt addict”and has made many bed qults, wall hangings and table runners.
The mother of six sons and four daughters, Verla enjoys sharing her quilts with them.  Her many grandchildren and gread-grandchildren also have samples of her quilts.
Besides sewing, Verla is active in her church, loves to read, cook and garden and, of course, attend quilting groups.  she enjoys sharing these talents with others.
And, now,some of her quilts. 

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