Introducing the Holiday Mystery Quilt! The only thing we can tell you is that is it is a Christmas quilt and it measures 53×53!  Perfect size for a gift for loved ones this season or for yourself ! Imagine that! Something you can make for yourself.

This will start October 3rd. The first block is $ 5.00. Come back each week, show us your finished block, and the next block is FREE!  So if your blocks are done on time….. no cost to you. If they are not finished then they are just 5.00 to receive you next block. Can’t beat that! Don’t worry you can do this! This is a simple and beautiful quilt! You won’t want to miss out on this one! So mark your calenders and come join us for some holiday fun. It will last 9 weeks and you will have a new quilt just in time for the holidays.



  1. We do mail out to anywhere in the U.S. Remember it is a mystery quilt so we don’t want to spoil the surprise by showing the finished project. I will however let you know what fabrics we are using…. maybe that will help. We are using ” Sentiments” by Moda…….. It is going to be beautiful. Please let us know if you are still interested and if you have any more questions we will be glad to help!

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