Join us for Worldwide Quilting Day

Worldwide Quilting Day Announces the Seven Summits Strip Quilt Challenge.

“The idea for this celebration started last year when so many international shops contacted Laurie Harsh “(President of The Fabric Shop Network) after hearing about National Quilting Day and said we need to make this a worldwide event.

Retailers and quilting groups will be getting together on Worldwide Quilting Day for a variety of celebrations, special classes, charity drives, demonstrations, and now the……7 Summits Strip Quilt Challenge!

We know that the love of quilting is spread far and wide and we’re out to prove it. Join along at as quilters all over the world stitch, press and trim their way up the height of the highest mountains on each continent, counting every inch of every precut fabric roll used.

Together we’ll scale the seven summits with hundreds of fabric strips made into quick and easy quilt tops.

How many strip quilts can we make here in one day? How high would those fabric strips go if you laid them end to end? Maybe our shop will make it to the top of Denali (Mount McKinley), but we’d love to make it to the top of Mount Everest.

Come race up the mountains on Worldwide Quilting Day, March 16, 2013.

The strip quilt that we will be making can be made in 3/4 or 1.5 hrs. We will give you the strip-quilt race recipe. (it uses one jelly roll or 42 – 2 1/2″strips). At, they will be promoting various strip quilt patterns throughout the month to get you excited. There is also an online sweepstakes giving away a different bundle of pre-cut strip bundles of fabric and/or other prizes from industry sponsors every day for 30 days. One winner per day! starting Feb.16th leading up to the big event on March 16th.

You can enter via Facebook online entry form or you can enter the contest simply by leaving a comment on the daily blog post at

We will set up our classroom here at the store so you can come and work on your quilt with other quilters. We will have a sign-up sheet of when you want to come so we don’t have 40 quilters at once. We will email our progress to the powers that be during the day and they will be reporting results throughout the day on their website blog.

You can decide what you want to do with your quilt, you may want to take it home, or make them for a charity, it’s for us to decide.

Plan to join us for a day of fun and sewing!



  1. This lacks a lot of information –  What!  Where!  When! on both the quilt challenge and the worldwide quilting day.    All to often these are sent under the assumption that everyone knows what you are talking about.    What!  Where!  and When! should be included.     Times, dates, addresses, phone numbers etc.    need to be there – this is just my opinion – Judy    PS   The word comment at the bottom of this sheet woud not let me click on it.

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