Join us at My Heritage Fabrics for Worldwide Quilting Day on March 16, 2013 !!!!!

We will be participating in the “ 7 Summits Strip Quilt Challenge” by making strip quilts all day and measuring our progress in inches !!!!We know that the love of quilting is spread far and wide we’re out to prove it one strip at a time.

The Objective:

We will be sewing with the whole world trying to see how high our strips would reach if we laid them end to end and to see how many strip quilts we can make together . Through out the day we will measure our continous strips and report to……… We want our strips if sewn together to make one complete strip to at least reach the top of Snow Basin ( we can dream, right but it will be fun trying!!!)

What My Heritage Fabrics is doing to participate:

We will set up our classroom and give our participants a strip-quilt recipe. The quilt we are making will take ½- 1.5 hrs. to make ( you can make as many as you like , keep your quilt or donate it). You can bring in your own jelly rolls or we have some scrappy jelly rolls made up for $14.99 here at our store. This will go all day long from 10 am-8pm . We ask if you are interested to please call ahead and reserve a block of time so we can ensure everyone has enough proper working space .


Please join us for a day of fun and sewing!!!!!
For questions or to reserve your block of time please call 801.621.2201
For more information on Worldwide Quilting day please visti:


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