Seam-fix: Back in stock!

We sold out SO FAST and many people still wanted one. The Seam-Fix seam ripper (and so much more) is back in the shop.


Not only is it a very nice, sharp seam ripper, but it removes the leftover thread, too. And, if that isn’t enough, I love it because it is larger and easier to hold than any other seam ripper I have tried.

Get yourself one today, and pick up one as a gift. Your sewing-type friends will love you.

When it is time to rip it, Seam-Fix it!

Into every sewers life, a little picking out must come.  But this nifty device sure makes it easier.  Don’t just remove the seam.  Remove the threads, too!  That’s right, Seam-Fix helps get those tiny bits of thread out and leaves your fabric neat and clean.  Plus, it is larger than most seam rippers and easier to hold, whether your hands are small, larger or just a little stiff from time to time.

Get yours at the shop today!

Shop Hop Thank You

Thanks to all those who dropped by during Shop Hop!

It was great to see friends, new and old, hear about your projects and catch up on the news.

Far and away, our best-selling individual item, apart from a lot of fabric, was the FriXion Pens.


Available in black, red and blue, these pens are Heat erasable (use your iron).  You can mark your quilt, quilt away, then apply your moderate iron and, presto, all gone!  It should be noted that extreme cold temperature will make the markings come back (14F), but initial testing suggests that this effect also disappears if the quilt is washed.

As with any marking tool, test your fabric first to make sure you are pleased with the results. But, if our customers this week were any indication, people are pleased!

Thank you again for making our Shop Hop a success!