Store Information

1843 Valley Dr.

Ogden , Utah 84401

Phone: 801.621.2202


We are located at the mouth of Ogden Canyon in Rainbow Gardens. Get off I-15 at the 12 th street exit and go east to the mouth of the canyon and and turn right – right before the canyon literally and you will see Rainbow Gardens and we are located inside!!!!!


Hours of Operation:

MON: 10-7pm

TUES-SAT: 10-8pm



  1. To Whom it May Concern
    My name is Brad Ritchie. I’m reaching out to you to see if you would be interested in purchasing my sister’s quilting material stock. It has been stored in sealed bins. I would say I have about 30-40, four foot bins full of quilting fabric.

    My sister is a quilting fanatic and had the means to do this for years, but recently went through a divorce and she needs to sell the material to make ends meet. She has accumulated from very expensive material, to very unique material.

    Please let me know if this would be something you would be interested in. I can bring the material to you to look at if you’d like, or you could meet me at her storage shed. I’m local here in UT.

    Thank you for your consideration, I thought this might be something you’d be interested in as you could purchase the material for a good price, then perhaps get more margin on the sale for your business.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Brad Ritchie
    801-592-5264 (Cell Phone)

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